Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gift Exchange

Happy March!!
I can't believe it is March already, this year is flying by which is ok because then we can get to summer quicker.  
This week has been busy with sports and I am still sick but finally went to the doctor and now I have some good stuff to knock this cold out.
Of course now the boy is sick so we are off to the doctor again.
Yesterday my hubby turned 11!!  
He is getting so big!  LOL!
Yup, he is a leap year baby.  It was kind of funny, he and my daughter both turned 10 on the same year.  They even put something in the paper about it and their photo was on the front page which she thought was pretty cool!
And yes, he does act his age sometimes.

Anyway, a while ago my friend Brandi from Don't Disturb This Groove contacted me with a gift exchange idea for those that wanted to participate and I thought that it would be fun so I said yes!

My gift exchange friend was Comeca from Shans Wife Meme
I met Comeca about a year ago and she is the sweetest and has such a beautiful blog full of love and ideas for the home.  We have exchanged emails every now and then and I love her style.  If you have not met her please stop by and say hi, she is beautiful inside and out!
You can also see what gift I sent her.

Monday I was having a bad day and then a knock at my door changed my mood.
I saw a box sitting at my doorstep and when I opened it up I smiled from ear to ear at what was inside.
Not only did I see something but I could smell, even with the cold, this beautiful fragrant.

Inside was this gorgeous shell wreath, a sachet of Seaspray scents to put in your home and these beautiful seashell tablecloth weights that I can't wait to use on our deck this summer along a sweet little note.
 (does she know me or what. :) )

Aren't they beautiful!

Just look at all those shells!!

I can't wait to find a place for it, I have so many spots to try out. :)

Thank you so much Comeca and Brandi for this, it was so much fun.

Please stop by Don't Disturb This Groove to see what everyone received and I do believe that Brandi has a little giveaway.



Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

that wreath is SO fun!

Brandi said...

Did you see watch Modern Family last night? Cameron is a leap year baby too! Made me think of your hubby!

I love the gifts you received Michelle. Comeca knows you well! Thanks again for participating my sweet friend. I really appreciate you! Hope you feel better soon!

Seaside Style said...

So pretty! Enjoy.. Hope the "boy one"
LOL feels better.


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

That wreath is beautiful.

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

That pretty wreath would make anyone smile... It's lovely!

✿ⒹⒺⒺ✿@ A Lapin Life said...

The wreath is gorgeous!


Comeca Jones said...

Glad you enjoyed it!!! Thanks for swapping with me! Feel better.

Green Willow Pond said...

Sorry you are still feeling under the weather. Hopefully the meds will kick it out of your system.

What pretty gifts. I really love the shell tablecloth weights! How perfect for you.

I'm off to see what everyone got. Have a lovely weekend. {{hugs}}

Shelly {Quiet Luxury} said...

Hi Michelle -

I found your blog through Don't disturb this groove! Stopping by to say hi and I'm now following...


Decor & Harmony @ 4290 said...

Michelle I love your gifts :) The wreath is very nice. I'm following! This gift exchange was so much fun, feel better.

Latoya @ The Scott's Crib said...

Sea spray is such a wonderful fragrance:) I absolutely love the wreath! Comeca has some awesome fav things. Thanks so much for participating in the exchange with us all, it makes it all the more fun!

Ange said...

What a beautiful wreath! I love it, she did a great job with your gift and now I am off to see what she received from you!

once in a blue moon said...

that girl knows your taste so well! darling gifts, i have 2/3 of them myself :)

Sizzle and Zoom said...

The wreath is absolutely beautiful! Does she make these and sell them? I love your referrals. Beautiful blogs.

Mrs. Chic said...

The wreath is so pretty!!! love it :)

Elesha @ 7 Palmetto Lane said...

That wreath is so pretty! It was fun and exciting to participate in the gift exchange. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you feel better!

Rayanne said...

That's a silly story about your hubby...I had to read it over a couple of times before I got it! I'm blond anyway ,hehehe!!
I'm sure praying for you sweet friend that you will be back to feeling much better soon, it's just not fun to feel bad :(!! Many blessings!

Ral @ARTbyRT Seascapes and Island Life said...

What a beautiful gift, perfect for you. I thought you typoed hubby instead of son, you had me going even though I was just talking about the birthday every 4 years, yesterday! Have you ever seen 'Pirates of Penzance'?

Deborah said...

Hi peanut!!!
Happy Birthday to hubby!
I had to read it and re-read it, thinking there was a mistake with your numbers. Lol
Happy March to you can only mean one thing...winter is on its way out and spring is on her way!
Yeah, and then s u m m e r!!!!!
\0/ \0/ \0/ \0/
Oh hun I'm glad you got something to help rid you of this cold, and hope your little darlin' feels better soon too.
Michelle, that wreath is just amazing and its so perfect for you!
I love it and the sea shell weights, and the seaspray!
How kind...I can just see you smiling from ear to ear. xo
Hoping for some warm weather for you and some sunshine to warm your innards! :)

All my love,
Deborah xoxoooxoxoxooxoxoox

michele said...

it's such a summery lovely simple accent, michelle. love it. over the years my decorating taste has changed, but wreaths? they never fall from favor.

best to you, beachy sista.


Barbe@ Beez Rental Designs said...

Hi Michelle, I found you through Brandi @ Don't Disturb This Groove. I'm a new follower on GFC and Linky and hope you will return the favor.
You are so talented and I love your seascape painting. It took me back to my favorite vacation in BC Canada where I visited a friend with the beach right in her backyard! Hmmmm . . . I think I need to pull out my pics and browse on this rainy day. : ) Thanks for the comforting memory.
Barbe aka Bee

koralee said...

Happy March 1st...sure hope you feel better soon!
My oh my this is an amazing wreath..hugs to you all. xoxo

Tricia said...

That wreath is perfect for a beachy girl like you! When you look at it, you can think of summer, sun and surf. I wish it was warm out right now instead of snowy. Hope you and your family feel better soon. Happy birthday to your hubby :)

Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

What great gifts! I love that wreath.

The party was such a fun idea. So glad to find your blog through it.

Have a great day.

Everything Coastal said...

Hi Gorgeous! Tom is off skiing so I have all night to get caught up with my favorite blog girls.

Hope you are feeling better soon!


Heaven's Walk said...

Did you bake your hubby a Snoopy cake or something???? lolol! Happy Birthday to him!! :) What a fun idea a gift exchange is, Michelle! And your gifts are so perfect for your beach house! Knowing you, you'll find a very special place for that awesome wreath. ♥ Hey....hope you get well soon, too - you poor thang!!!

xoxo laurie

Stacey@A Sort Of Fairytale said...

that shell wreath is sooo pretty! what a great gift!
i have been sick too...i think we seem to get sick at the same time...strange huh? these darn winters make it so hard to stay well and fight off the germies everywhere :(
hope you are all better soon!
my husband is not a leap year baby, but sure does act 11 sometimes... ;)

Jenni said...

Hi Michelle~

I am so sorry to hear you are still sick! That is good news that the doctor gave you some medicine for it, and hopefully it will cure it and you will feel better! :) I love the sweet gifts you received from your friend! That wreath IS gorgeous! Did she make it herself? That is pretty amazing, I think! :)

I hope you have a good weekend, my friend, and get better soon! :) Take good care of yourself!


Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea said...

Gorgeous wreath! Glad you are feeling better - have a good weekend my friend

Martina said...

So pretty this wreath and - so you! It will fit perfectly in your ocean-inspired rooms. Happy weekend Michelle!

Stacy Curran said...

Sorry to hear you were having a bad day...but I can see why this wreath helped your spirits...its beautiful!

Kelle Dame said...

Beautiful! Perfect for a beachy girl like you! :) said...

Yes she obviously knows you. It screams Michelle! Lucky you.

Debra from Bungalow said...

What a way to brighten your day!

Fishtail Cottage said...

hi there! just wanted to let you know that i am deleting the new linky follower tool from my side bar. Please make sure you are a follower of Fishtail Cottage using Google...(you can read about it here!)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning lovely one! Your beach themes are always a cool welcome into the world that I love so, and I hope you enjoy some relaxing and creative time this weekend. Peace to you dearest Michelle! Anita

Excalibur said...

I enjoy your post and like your projects with the shells. Now I can make me a shell wreath instead of another shell frame.

Lisa - A Room with A View said...

Perfect gift! The wreath is precious! I am sure any gift would have made your day better.

Katherines Corner said...

I love it! Brandy hosted a lovely exchange. Your bloggy friend knew you well and sent the perfect gifts. Hugs


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