Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pottery Barn Sneak Peak!

I just saw these on Pottery Barn's Facebook and I love them!! Check out some of their new items!

Founders Wine Trough!

The color is beautiful but I think I would be tempted to paint it white!! :)

Museum Craft Collection - Hudsonian Curlew Wall Art

I love this!!!! Would look great above my fireplace!

Monogrammable Patch Lumbar Pillow Cover

What a great cottage feel!

Enamel Door Signs

How cute are these!? Yyou can use the "His" and "Hers" if you have seperate bathrooms! Or, if you have to share at least you can hang them over your towel rack!

I can't wait to see the new fall collection (not rushing summer)! I just love paging through the catalog and seeing all the great things that I can just add to my wish list!!

Or at least make my own version! :)


Paisley Walls said...

I came from "Chic on a shoestring" blog with your faux fireplace link up and have been going backwards on your blog from there. Love the beach theme, unfortunately it doesn't fit my AZ house! I have gotten some great ideas from your site though...thank you and keep posting! I will be checking back (:


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