Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Where I've Been

I can't believe it is Wednesday already!!
This week is flying by and I still have a bajillion things to do!!

It has been HOT and HUMID here which is fine because I have been holed up inside this week working on my son's room.

I will show you a few glimpses in a minute but I first want to show you where I went last Sunday.
It was that time again for the Allegan Flea Market so Laurie, from Heaven's Walk, and myself, Debbie from Lakehouse was not able to join us this time and we MISSED her lots!!
she will join us again at the end of this month!

Before I went, Heather from Simple Daisy told me that she and her hubby might go. I can't even tell you how excited I was and immediately told her YES, PLEASE GO and gave her my number to call when she got there so we could meet up!!

When she got there Laurie and I were stuffing our faces with pizza. I know how much Heather loves pizza so I don't think that she minded. :)

Her and her husband are the sweetest and cutest couple and Heather is so beautiful inside and out.

We only met up for a couple minutes because they had plans that day but the four of us are planning on all meeting up at the end of this month for the day!!!

I scored a few things again this time around including this pale aqua bench, basket and more of the little aqua bottles that I got last month.

Another perfect find I picked up after Laurie spotted it was this turquoise fan!!!!
I think it was $20 and after the poor lady selling it told us she was going to cry (I think that the lady ahead of us insisted she pay way less for something)
So I didn't dare ask for any less.
Poor woman.

I also picked up a vintage map and a wire basket that I am planning to use in my son's room so I will show you those once I get them up.

Here is a little peak into his room.
I used chalk paint for the first time and I LOVE IT!!!!
It is Nepoleonic Blue.

I also used the wax and messed that up a bit.
Just remember, a little goes a long way!!

You can see in the background what I am doing to one of his walls.
I am really loving the way it is turning out.

Well that's about it for now. I am so sorry I have not been around to see you much this week and hopefully after I get the wall done I will catch up a bit.

I have been a bit off this week as well, I have some changes going on in my life, nothing serious and actually it is a good thing, but enough to change things up and mess with me a bit.
I will share more about that when I can.




tinajo said...

Ooooh - I LOVE that fan, just what I wish for but never find! Take care sweetie! :-)

beachcomber said...

i love all your aqua finds!! it's great you got to catch up with friends.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH DARLIN' have scored in a big way here with your FAN! AND THAT BENCH! AND THOSE BOTTLES! My husband found me a darling and OLD aqua treasure that thing! But for sure, your finds are so special as well, for a day out with friends is an unforgettable moment. YOU ALL LOOK FABULOUS MY FRIEND!

I sent my blog pal Rosie over to see Erin's dining room transformation at Erin's Art and Garden; she too used this phenomenal chalk paint to totally change a dining room set. ALL OF YOUR WORK LOOKS FABULOUS!!!

Our storms are past us now. I hope we did not send the wretched weather to you!!!! Happy day dearest Anita

Simple Daisy said...

It was so nice to meet you girls!!!! Can't wait to go again!! I'll be on a major hunt for a turquoise fan!!! I LOVE yours:):):) And that bench is just perfect!

Hartwood Roses said...

Great finds, and great friends, what a fabulous day you must have had! I love everything you brought home ... the memories and a new friend are the best.

simone said...

Hallo mein Freund, wie gehts? How exiting to go to a flea market and find all this great stuff and to meet all these wonderful bloggers. Good for you. OMG I love your finds and the colors. I have some baskets like that from Germany. Would love to find some aqua bottles though. Cheers

A Rosy Note said...

Ohhh, look at all the goodies you found! They're all so perfect for you. I love, love the blue bottles and that bench too! I can't wait to see your son's room. That little peek looked pretty good. My son has a big map in his room too. Have a good week :)
xo Tricia said...

How exciting to meet Heather - wow! Looks like you made a real haul this time. I love the aqua bench, bottles and that fan, well, it's so FAB!! You have divine taste, girlfriend.

Love to you & hope you are having a great week.


Kelle Dame said...

Love all your finds!!! That pale aqua bench and the fan are just perfect! You need to come work with me when I have my store someday! A girl can dream, right?? Can't wait to see your son's room! Loving the dresser so far!

Jen said...

Hi! Great finds!
I am coming here form Checkitoff. Love that the 2 of you were able to meet and play together on the lake with your families! Love your blog...and we love shark week over here too!
Nice to meet you and I'll be following so I can come back often! Have a great day!

Low Tide High Style said...

Oh my goodness I love all of your new finds! And how cute are you three together?! How fun that you got the chance to meet up! I can't wait to see the changes to the room and I love the color of that chalk paint!

Kat :)

At The Picket Fence said...

I'm seriously jealous that you keep getting to meet bloggy friends in real life! :-) Laurie is just so wonderful and I need to pop over and pay a visit to Heather's blog too. The sneak peek of your son's room is so fantastic and I can't wait to see the rest!

Martina said...

Such great finds! I loved barn sales when i visited USA - here, it's more difficult to find treasures like that on fleamarkets!

Beach Coast Style said...

oh my goodness you got some good stuff! Love the cute little bottles! I love that old fan and the color to! so glad you had a great time and when you add friends it makes it so much better!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You all three look so cute! How adorable your outfits are and how beautiful your smiles! WHAT FUN! Wish I could come next time! ♥

Tanya said...

Awesome finds...I just love that bench! And the fan, ahhh I'm jealous! Happy Wednesday to you :)

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

I think it's so great that you guys all got to meet up! You found some great stuff. The color of the fan is so pretty. Goes well with Heather's truck :)

Liz said...

Love your finds...especially the blue bench!!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Great get together of the loveliest (beachy) lake region bloggers!!!!

Sizzle and Zoom said...

I love the vintage turquoise fan. I've always wanted a vintage fan and passed one up and sorry ever since.

michele said...

hey m! the fan looks fantastic, and the dresser does too!! i hear you about the humidity and getting inside projects tackled. unfortunately for me that has meant sitting in front of a computer, but i do like the dressing like a beach bum part.



Brandi said...

You found some great things, Michelle. the bench and the vintage fan have your name all over them. I bet you spotted them a mile away!!! it's so nice that you were able to get away for the day and shop with friends. i can't wait to see your son's room. I'm sure you're working hard at it and i know it will be beautiful. take care my friend...

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

you are so adorable! i love your bangs! :)

Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

Ohh - that aqua stuff is perfect for you. (guess I shouldn't call it 'stuff'). Love the bench grouping!

The DIY Show Off said...

I love meeting blog friends in real life! So sweet! You found some pretty awesome treasures, lucky girl! Envious! ;)

Thinking of you and wishing the best outcome with what you're going through. Take care! {hug}

Linda said...

Hi Michelle - Great finds and what a great trip to be able to meet up with your blogging buddies!

Thanks for sharing!


Pam said...

Who wouldn't love a turquoise fan! I'm loving the little sneak peak of your son's room. I think I know what you're doing to that wall too. Can't wait for the big reveal.

Love of the Sea said...

What a cute photo. Wished I was there. I would love to meet you all in person one of these days. That would be awesome. You scored some great finds. Have a wonderful week.

Cat & Cricket said...

So jealous! You were with HEATHER!! The mastermind of gorgeous jewelry.. you scored all my favs!
Am I moving to the wrong part of the country???
Miss ya!

Ann said...

Nice finds...

That is a casual and cool photo of you gals.

Can't wait to see how your son's room would turn out ♥

Linda said...

Girl, you scored big time, not only with your finds, but getting to meet up again with these ladies. Lucky you! I have not forgotten about the shark teeth. LOL, You are a wonderful friend and a great lady!


Tonya said...

Love that fan & that bench!! Soooo stinkin' cute!! Love the sneek peek of your son's room as well! Can't wait to see that wall treatment you are working on!! I know it will look fabulous when its always does!! :) As for the changes you have going on, I pray that they are easy ones & that the transition will be smooth! We are currently going through some changes as well here at home...its been stressful to say the least, but I think in the end its going to be a blessing in disguise!! Sometimes its hard to see it that way in the midst of things though..

Carmie of the Single Nester said...

Love the fan and just about anything!!! turquoise!

Amy Kinser said...

That bench is wonderful as is the fan!! You have such a great eye for beauty and creating.

Love seeing your time with Laurie. She is such a sweet lady.

Jenni said...

Hello Michelle! :) I love the sweet things you found while shopping~ and oh! That turquoise fan you bought is amazing! And I am so glad you had a fun time with your friend, and got to meet another blogging friend, too! :)

I love that you let us peek at the wall behind the dresser, and I can tell it's looking good! And the dresser looks beautiful! That is the perfect color for a boy's dresser. :)

I am so sorry to hear you are feeling a bit off, and I do hope you are doing okay! I'm praying you have a wonderful Friday and weekend, my friend! :)


Melissah said...

Love that aqua bench how perfect for a holiday shack - would look great in a kids' room too!

A Cottage Muse said...

Hugs to you Michelle...hope you are well.
There is nothing like junkin with great friends, especially when you find treasures like that!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Oh my goodnes I am in looooooove with your aqua bench!!! It is gorgeousness supreme!! The fan is really cool too! I am adding more aqua in my home and the fact that I love your bench so much just confirms for me that I'm doing the right thing. :)


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