Monday, September 20, 2010

Guest Blogger From Harper and Henny!

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I am really excited to introduce to you today my wonderful friend and guest blogger, Deanna from dedetsyshop and Harper and Henny!

She makes AMAZING pillows that I instantly fell in love with the first time I laid eyes on them! They are anywhere from elegant to whimsical and just

This is Deanna...

Hello from Harper and Henny! Michelle was gracious enough to ask me to do a
guest post on her blog and so here I am!
I met Michelle through my Etsy shop
and one day when I was overwhelmed with customers, she made me feel much better
by being (still!!!) very patient in recieving her item! What a great gal!
Anyways, she asked me to write something for you all and she recommended maybe
something on my little old shop!

So, I will do just that!

Let's see... How did I get started in the wonderful land we all know as Etsy?
Actually I first heard of Etsy from a magazine in 2008...I checked it
out and thought "Hey, that sounds interesting."
So, what did I do?
I knitted some scarves and stuff to put in there!
It didn't all start with pillows!
I sold a few scarves and then slowly made some pillows and low and behold, they

Soon after, I went from 10 pillows in my shop to over 100!

My little online store started growing very fast and was even published in Family Circle
magazine and recently on Good Morning America!
I think of it as the little shop that could! :)
I really just started it as a little side hobby while I was
going to school...and it now it has taken off to a full (and more than) time
job! I wouldn't change it for the world though!
It still boggles my mind that
I have MY pillows in other peoples houses!
Craziness I tell you!

Well, thanks for listening! And be sure to check out and my little boys shop He loves to see who "hearts" his shop !!

Thank you SO much Deanna!

She is such a sweetheart and so talented. They even did a spotlight on her on Esty called Quit Your Day Job! Check it out for her inspiring story and pictures of where she creates!

I love the fact that her son has an Etsy shop as well!

Also, stop in at her Harper and Henny blog and say hi!!

This is what I ordered, isn't it cute!
And, she recycles!!!


Jen said...

Loving the pillows! I'm a pillow junkie & hate to buy the same ole pillows you see in the local stores!!! Love the 123 & the 2 with the giant flowers on them!

dedeetsyshop said...

Thanks so much!! ;)

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

The birdy is soooo cute!!

Deb said...

Love all the pillows and will definitely check out her shop!

Low Tide High Style said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE these adorable pillows!!! Thanks so much for introducing me to her wonderful wares! I'm off to visit her Etsy store!

Kat :)

Val said...

Those pillows are beyond awesome!!!! I love that Neil Diamond was singing in the back ground wehn I clicked on your page! I heart him. = )))

Rachelle @ Adventures in Creating said...

Wow cool pillows! So glad I stopped by your blog today. Love it!


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