Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This is Me

My friend Tracy over at Tracy's Trinkets and Treasure tagged me to play a little game, sharing 15 things about myself. I love getting to know all of you and I hope that you like getting to know me, sooooooo

here we go..

1. I have a problem with painting my house. I can't make my mind up on colors. I am already thinking that I am going to re-re-re paint my bedroom soon. Serious creative ADD going on here!

2. I love going to movies by myself. I usually go to the matinée if I can and I love being the only one in the theater.

3. I am seriously crushing on Robert Downey Jr right now. Yes he is a bit odd but he is yummy!!

4. I met Chris Isaak and the only thing he said to me was "You look like Hillary Swank". OK, Don't really see that but he could have called me Herman Munster and I would have been just as happy!!!

5. I truly wish I could sing. The only time that I sing well is in the car.......with no one else riding with me! :) I did one of those "Record a Song" things at a fair once....yeah, no American Idol for me!! ;)

6. I am also seriously addicted to Starbucks Chai Tea Lattes. I know that I have told you about that, but it is getting really bad. My son even told me this morning, "Mom, why do you always have to go get your drink?" I am sensing a pattern with my personality here! :)

7. I played semi-pro beach volleyball when I was in college. We didn't get far but it was fun and challenging!

8. I love going for drives to nowhere. I started doing that as soon as I got my license. My parents would get a little mad at me for driving so much but it clears my mind and I love just being by myself and allowing my mind to wander and I love seeing what I can see, it relaxes me and eases tension to just "get away". Now my hubby gets a little mad at me because he says it wastes gas.

9. I have been to Mexico, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Belize and Cozumel and my most favorite place on earth is Glen Lake Michigan. My heart and soul live up there.


10. I am a follower, not a leader.

11. I was 1000% tom boy growing up and my best friend was a boy. I wouldn't have had it any other way.

12. I am a giant stress ball! I stress about everything under the sun. It doesn't do me any good and not sure why I do but I do, hence, I do a lot of #8!!

13. I am not a planner, I just do. Usually not a good thing to just jump into something without thinking about first. I don't like planning, I never have and most likely never will. If I get an idea in my brain I just charge full speed ahead. It irritates my hubby because he is a planner, a big planner!!

14. I am open and honest about myself, I will talk to you about anything, sometimes I am not sure if that is good or bad. :)

15. I wouldn't change a thing in my past, not one thing. I am the person that I am today because of it and the majority of the days I like living with me! :)

I invite you to share something about yourself, I love getting to know about all of you!

I have finished putting together my daughter's bed!!!!

It turned out pretty ok I think.

Now I have to paint it.

I think we have found some paint colors that we agree on and maybe this weekend I will be able to paint!
Right now, that silly little thing called work is getting in my way so I can't do it today or tomorrow...booooo!!!

I hope to show you next week!!

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!!


The Frosted Gardner said...

Michelle -
So fun to get to know you even better! And you do look like Hillary Swank you lucky girl. Thanks for letting me use your photo - I really hope they use it. I have sent them stuff each time and I really dont know what they end up using until I get home and watch it myself! But I really hope they use those bi-fold doors because I love them! Cannot wait to see the bed.


Deborah said...

Good morning sweetie!
I love this..now I have 15 more things to love about you!!! :)
Ill tell you later, but we have SO much in common, it isnt even funny!!
Love you sweet girl...you are beautiful..in EVERY way!!

All my love,
Deborah xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Restoration House said...

Wow, what an interesting person you are Michelle! So nice to get to know more about you and you are ssooooo lovely in every way!

dedeetsyshop said...

It's so fun getting to know you! One of my fav places in Michigan is Petoskey! So beautiful in the summer!!

Kindra-At Home With K said...

How fun to learn more about my blog bud. Next time you go on vacation, I'm tagging along! Never been to any of places but they sound WOUNDERFUL!!

Kelle Dame said...

That was fun!! I think more of us bloggers should do this. It's great to get to know each other better.
I also love driving to nowhere...it's a great place!
Can't wait to see this headboard!

Bella said...

Michelle, somehow I totally almost knew all that about you, it just sound exactly how I have imagined you already, free spirited, loving, and a bit wild, love ya girl. I could so relate to many of the things you mentioned, and I so WISH I could get away to go to a movie alone, gosh, what a great feeling it would be. My most precious time is when I get to sneak to the store alone, and buy my groceries, lol, I blast MY music, sing, and feel so good.

Thanks for sharing a little about you!!

Finding Home said...


Fun, thanks for sharing. I have so loved Robert Downey, Jr. since Less than Zero! My idea of Heaven includes being able to sing! Thanks for sharing, have a great day (love that you were a competetive volleyball!) Laura

Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

I am right with you on #13 and #14. Thanks for telling us a bit more about you!

lila Check said...

what an interesting person you are Michelle! So nice to get to know more about you on my first visit to your awesome blog!

Robin said...

This was such a fun post! I loved learning a few new things about you!

I so very jealous that you played beach volleyball in college. Volleyball is my all time FAVORITE sport to play. Playing beach volleyball seriously was always a dream of mine! I still play weekly just for fun!

Low Tide High Style said...

I loved this post Michelle, and now understand why I hit it off with you so well, we share many of the same traits! My dear friend Dan loved Robert Downey Jr. and I even got a personalized signed photo from RDJ to give to him one year for his birthday, he loved that photo so much that he was buried with it! I can definitely see a resemblance to Hillary Swank, and what a huge compliment, though I think you are even prettier! I can't wait to see the bed, and thanks for letting us know a little more about you!

Kat :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shell Belle!

So fun getting to know you better! I can't believe all the things we have in common. Aside, from looking like Hillary Swank. I lean more towards the "Munster" :) You've been to some amazing places but, I agree, Lake Michigan is the best!

I find it fitting that you should post this, today, because I just gave you an award!

Hope the day goes "non-stressball" for ya! Can't wait to see the bed!

;D Michelle

Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea said...

Thanks for sharing.. Have a great weekend.

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

I'm so with you on number 3!! Funny how my husband never has a crush on an actress!!! I love that actually, haha. I was a total tom boy too, my favorite play grounds were construction sites. Number 14 is me also!!! Oh, and I'd say the same thing about driving as your hubby, sorry! Thanks for sharing -that was fun!

Lara said...

Yes, you do look like Hillary Swank! :) I get Maggie Gyllanhaal a lot. Fun post! I love nowhere drives too.. you know, seeing where the road takes you. Hmm, lets see about me.. I've idolized Olivia Newton-John since about birth.. and have all her records and know every lyric to every single one of her songs.. have watched Grease a zillion times I could recite the entire dialog to you.. seen her 2x in concert.. won the backstage pass at a concert to meet her - was in heaven.. named my daughter after her.. named my daughter's middle name after her Gaia Spa in Australia. Now ya know. ;) xx have a great weekend!

Brenda Kula said...

I so enjoyed getting to know you even better. I already knew what a sweet person and blogger you were through reading your blog. Some things we have in common: I'm a worrier too. I find that if I go in the garden (when it's not cold) or take a drive with my camera in tow, the stress melts with my eye on the lens. I also will talk about anything. I'm not shy about that. You do look like Hilary Swank! My addiction is probably coffee, with chocolate a close second.

Vanessa@Southern In My Heart said...

Hey sweet friend! I totally think you look like Hillary Swank except WAY prettier! This was so fun to learn even more about you which of course (as others said above) reminds us of why we were drawn to you in the first place and also makes us like you even more. :-) I so relate to much of what you shared...agree that RDJ is a cutie...should get paid for worrying because we would be RICH...and have vivid memories of being on car trips as a family and having my dad say 'let's go see where this road takes us!' You just never know what you might find and it sure does clear the head. Thanks so much for sharing more from your lovely heart with us and I look forward to seeing how your daughter's bed turns out! :-)

kerrie of sea cottage said...

Well, I think you are prettier than Hilary Swank! I would never guess all these things about you! I think we probably connect because I am open and honest too and will tell you everything about myself...I think it is a good quality. It's only bad if someone is going to take advantage of our honesty. I have learned as I've matured to say less, but if someone asks well, I answer. ox`kerrie

Val said...

You are so fabulous! The more I know, the more I LOVE. We are similar creatures on....8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15 hahahaha.

Polly said...

Hi Michelle! Fun post and I enjoyed getting to know you better! I must tell you that I think Robert Downey Jr. is swoony! Love love love him! Have you ever listened to his music? His voice is dreamy!!

I can't believe you met Chris Isaak! Very cool!

Thanks for sharing!!


Marie said...

Hi Michelle - First of all, you are one gorgeous young lady! I loved learning 15 things about you and aside from the fact that you're one super creative lady, we have two other things in common (ha!ha! listen to me)...love Chai latte from starbucks too...and seriously in love with RD, Jr. too. He is sooo yummy indeed.

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

I thought I had commented and then I must have gotten sidetracked! So lets add "can't multi task well" to my list!

You do look a lot like Hilary in that shot of you. It's amazing.

I too have the hots for Robert Downey Jr. I loved him in Sherlock Holmes. Just something about him. Oh and I can't sing either. If there is such a thing as reincarnation. I want to be able to to sing!

erin said...

great getting to know you better!! i see the similarity between you and hillary......but i am surprised you even heard what chris said to you! because, he is so cute!! so is robert downey jr.....we girls do love a bad boy. ha. i recently went to a movie by myself for the very first time, but prefer to go with someone. looking forward to seeing the finished bed.

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures/Treasured Moments said...

Yep I can so see the Hillary look alike. My look alike is Reba McEntire, but like you I can't sing so darn. I am surprised you are a procrastinator. You sure get stuff done. If I lived near that beautiful lake I would love it too, but I have been to Grand Cayman and it is my favorite place ever.

Tricia - A Rosy Note said...

Hi Michelle! I love all the fun little things you shared about yourself...you're so interesting. You know, you do kind of look like Hilary Swank, a prettier version though. And oh my gosh, I am totally with you on the stress thing...that is soooo me!

Michelle said...

Hi Michelle; Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog today - I've been away from blogland for a couple of weeks so I've missed you! You DO look like Hilary Swank my goodness and my husband and I love Chris Isaak. I can't wait to see your daughter's room, I'm sure you'll post pics when it's all done! We DID get buried with about 30 inches of heavy snow yesterday and the snowblower died less than 60 feet down the driveway (we have like 180' of driveway and turnarounds in total)so my husband and I shoveled all afternoon and my back, my arms, I'm seriously in a lot of pain today :( Loved this post - so nice to get to know you :) Michelle / New England Style

vintage vine said...

You do look a little like Hilary Swank...FYI, I think that is a compliment and I am sure that is what Mr. Issacs thought too! Thanks for sharing.

Heaven's Walk - said...

Michelle ~ You are beautiful, you know that? Inside AND out. ♥ Much much prettier than Hillary. :) I soooo loved this post, sweetie! Now I feel like I reeeally know you! :) I'm jealous, too, that you played beach volleyball in college. I ADORE playing volleyball! I used to head up a gaggle of gals at our church every Thursday night. We had such a ball!!

Thank you for sharing these wonderful things about yourself. It was so much fun!!! ♥

xoxo laurie

Cat & Cricket said...

Michelle~ are you sure we aren't sisters?
Love your post.....
Smiles..(and thank you for the well wishes!)

Amy Kinser said...

I love getting to know my friends better. Thanks for sharing what you shared.

I agree that you do look like Hilary. Very pretty...

High Street Cottage said...

Michelle, just now I showed my husband your photo and what Chris Isaak said, and he said "she does!" and you do. I imagine you're tall since you played Volley Ball. Just loved reading about you. You left out the part that you are the sweetest person ever. Can't wait to see your daughter's room. xoxo tami

Amber said...

Hi Michelle! Oh, my goodness I am addicted to the Chai also!! Haha! I like them iced and I have been buying the Tazo Chai liquid concentrate at Target{to try and cut back on my sbux runs!}. Love it!!! Can't wait to see the bed! Amber www.starfishblog.com

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

I see the resemblence to Hilary Swank. Your'e both gorgeous! It was fun getting to know you better!

Holly said...

What a great list...I see a lot of similarities.

Yo played semi-pro beach volleyball! My brothers ex-girlfriend did too! That's fun!

I see the Hilary Swank thing..but you are much prettier (and I am not just saying that!)

Jenni said...

Hello Michelle~

This was a fantastic list, and it was fun to read! I agree that you do look like Hilary Swank, a lot actually! :) And I am with you on painting...I love doing it, but sometimes I just wish I could decide on a color already!

I hope you are doing well, and that you have a great Friday! :)


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning gorgeous one! I LOVE THESE GAMES TO HELP US ALL GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER MORE! I am picking you again this weekend...come to visit me when you can after today because you are part of a list of bloggers that I want to mention....have a splendid day, Anita

Erin@likegrandmas said...

Funny, informative and sweet, just like you! You do look like Hillary! I never noticed that before, huh!

Comeca Jones said...

Great to know all these fun facts! You are great one of my favorite bloggy friends!Oh yep I agree you do look like Hillary! lol

Brandi said...

Yes Michelle, I agree you do resemble Hilary Swank! You're both gorgeous gals! I loved watching beach volleyball on the Summer Olympics. I bet it was a lot fun to play in college. Robert Downey Jr. is a great actor. He was hilarious in Tropic Thunder. My celebrity crush is Idris Elba(shh...don't tell my husband!!)It was fun learning more about you.

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

You met Chris Isaak??? Lucky!!! Glen Lake:ditto!!! Michigan girls rock! hugs, Cathy

Vicki said...

Chris Isaak....swoon...I'd let him call me anything he wanted! lol You do look a bit like Hilary Swank. I think she's beautiful! This was fun.

Seaside Style said...

Michelle, Thank you for visiting my blog. I am so glad you did , beacuse I never would have found you> You are too funny. You do look like H.S. I think you are a girl after my own heart. Look forward to getting to know you!

Anne at Bird/Like said...

How fun! We have more than a bit in common... including the chai lattes!


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