Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Mantels Coastal Style

Happy Monday to you!
I hope you are all doing well and had a great weekend!
I went with Laurie to the last Flea Market, Debbie could not come this time and we missed her.
It rained and rained and rained
that didn't stop us from shopping until we dropped or were soaked to the bone.
I will show you my treasures in another post.

Today has started off a bit rough, my BIL had to have emergency surgery at 4:00 this morning due to a twisted colon.
He did really well and the boy and I are off to go visit him.
Things like this can be very scary for him because he is paralyzed from the mid-chest down so anything, even a cold can be really hard on his body.
he is amazing and pulls through.

Last week I spent a day getting out my fall stuff and adding little things here and there to my mantels.

The living room I just added a few big pumpkins
(which are 40% off at Michaels right now)
and a few smaller ones along with my friend the crow.

Simple, subtle and works for me.

Now my kitchen mantel I had more fun with.

I added some fall grasses to the beach grass, pumpkins in my big-fire-pot-thing-that-I-can't- remember-what-it-is-called-but-I-painted-it-gray. :)
Of course keeping to my coastal love I added some driftwood, starfish a few mice and some other Halloween treasures that I picked up at Meijer and lastly another one of my crow friends.
I love these!!
Hey did you know that a group of crows is called a 'murder'??
cool and creepy huh!!

When my faux logs come in I will put the bucket-o-pumpkins on the right side or somewhere near there.
I am so excited, they told me that it shipped!!!

Have a good day and I will show you what I made a week ago so don't "slip" away for too long!!
yes I am a dork. :)

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Rachel Pallas said...

Hi Michelle! :) Your mantels look wonderful~Sounds like you and Laurie had a great time!! xo Rachel

French Farmhouse 425

Kristin said...

Everything looks great!! I love the planks above your fireplace, can't believe I haven't noticed that before!!

Gwendolyn said...

Love how your mantel has that cottage feel and a halloween vibe at the same time. I am following your charming blog.

Tanya said...

Love it! Very subtle, but still keeping with your style and the season. Love the mice :)

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

I'm always excited to see your decor. Love the simplicity of your living room mantel. Can't wait to see your faux logs!

Beach House Living said...

I hope BIL mends quickly. That is quite a scare.

The mantel is lovely. I like your really big starfish.

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

You have such good taste! Everything blends together so nicely.

Comeca Jones said...

Very nice Michelle and the little mouse was a cute touch.

House Revivals said...

Love it all, especially the crow!

Carolyn@SweetChaos said...

Your mantels look awesome! Love the simplicity of the first one, and the whimsy of the second. Am I the only one in blogland who hasn't embraced Fall yet? I probably won't get my Fall decor done until Halloween :)

tinajo said...

I´m so sorry for your BIL, I hope he recoveres fast!

It looks great in these pics, I wish I had a mantel to decorate! :-)

kerrie of sea cottage said...

Looks like Fall and especially October in your home! I love love love your black coastal lantern. I am really liking black and white right now.

Sizzle and Zoom said...

I'm hoping for a speedy recovery for Bil.
Your kitchen mantel is fun and beautiful. I
love everything about it.

NanaDiana said...

I have always loved the dorks in my life!;>) Great looking mantles. I really love the one in your kitchen. And I think that old "thingy" is an old boiler-many of them were copper...but there were also some galvanized ones. (If you painted a copper one I will personally have to hunt you down-after all the time it took me to get my old one UNpainted and shined up!;>)

Prayers for your brother-in-law- I hope he heals quickly- xo Diana

Privet and Holly said...

A KITCHEN fireplace?
How awesome!
Love them both and your
fall touches go so well
with your coastal theme.
Happy Monday!
xx Suzanne

Debbie said...

This all belongs in a magazine!!! especially your collage of mantles.
Great job, Michelle!!!!!!!

At The Picket Fence said...

Both of your mantels looks just beautiful Michelle! Love the simplicity of the first one and then that you added more whimsy to your kitchen "frantel". :-) Hope your BIL is feeling better soon!

Jessie said...

Oh, Michlle, everything is so gorgeous and cozy! You are so so lucky to have a fireplace:) Love them!!!!

I will keep your BIL im my prayers ♥

Also, thnks for the sweet comments on my fall dinner post. I had a ton of fum with my little helper:)

Have an awesome week!

beachcomber said...

gorgeous michelle! love your style, the simplicity and especially the 1st photo!!

High Street Cottage said...

Hello lovely, long time no see~ Well your home is looking quite amazing lately, what a wonderful fall display too! Looks like a copper boiler, I have one I shabbied up a bit in white, and use it for pillows. I love the net hanging above the fire place, it's wonderfullllll! I have a project coming up soon I think you'll like, see you soon, tami

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Looks like you are having lots of fun with those mantels Michelle...
I'd love to have a mantel and your living room looks fabulous!!!

Sorry to hear about your BIL....hope he is on the mend.. ciao xxx Julie

Amy Kinser said...

Girl, once again, you amaze me with your style. Great job!

Burlap Luxe said...

Praying your bill recovers fast!
Michelle, you are so on top of your fall arragement I am doinf pre-Christmas over at my place, then I will jump into fall with all the pumpkin stuff, I know a bit mixed up here but have to get some holiday etsy going so no one is hit me and friends to late with orders :)

Love all the white and black.

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

those are adorable! i love the mouse- that is my favorite part! :)

Backwoods Cottage Pam said...

I do enjoy your style, so crisp and simple. Easy on the eyes. I actually did my potting bench as I have not mantle and since I am still rebelling against Fall coming I did lots of flowers. Your mice are too cute or are they rats. Shudder!

Backwoods Cottage Pam said...

I meant no mantle.

blessedmom's simple home said...

Your mantels look great. I love that you gave everything a Fall look without having to make it all orange too. I still haven't done alot. Our weather has been in the 90's, so it just doesn't feel like Fall around here yet :)

Brandi said...

Oh Michelle, your mantles are gorgeous! I love all the natural touches.

Libbie said...

Hey Michelle! Those mice!!! So stinkin' cute! I love those guys! I hate mice buty those! Sooo perfect against your white!

You sure you aren't some famous designer or something? I think you could just take you magic wand & poof! Goregeous! I'm so bad...I am too lazy to decorate for fall...I don't mind doing it but I hate packing it all away so I quit years ago...sold it all at a garage sale :) I think one holiday is all I can handle decorating for :) But Lovin' yours!!!

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Gorgeous mantels Michelle! They both are so beautiful! :) I have to get busy on my mantels too. Hope your BIL is doing okay.

Jenni said...

Hello dear friend! I have to tell you have much I love your new faux fireplace in yor kitchen! It is absolutely gorgeous painted white, too, and with all of your fall decor! Amazing! And your living room fireplace looks so lovely and cozy! How I adore that plank wall above it, too!

I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday, and a good night! :)


Jenni said...

Oops, I meant YOUR kitchen! Sorry for the typo! ;)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

THIS IS what I love so much...white, gray and natural elements. I am through with fake and plastic (shhhhhhh) and these natural things make all the difference in the mood of reality! LOVE IT MY DEAR! Anita

A Cottage Muse said...

Hi coming to visit you!
Your mantels look wonderful!
I never lightened my home for summer this year (no energy) but am ready to re~warm things up for the fall!!
Have a great day!

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

I like the both! I like the simple one with the pumpkins but yet coastal. Great job, Michelle!

bicocacolors said...

really great job, I like so much!!!

a big hello from Madrid,

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle, I am your newest follower. I met fellow blogess, Laurie through a link party and we discovered that we are neighbors. She sent me to check out your blog since I also live in Holland. I am looking forward to reading your posts. I love your neutral pallet and fall decor, especially the mice.:-)

Emily @ Go Haus Go said...

Love the little rat decals! So fun! Also, I'm dying to know more about your wood walls!

Kelle Dame said...

How cozy! The little rat decal is so cute! My daughter would love a bunch of those around the house! I need to get a move on getting some pumpkins! Thanks for the adorable reminder!

becky said...

Clever girl! You make me smile~~you're so active and ambitious.

Finding Home said...

Umm - hello, I love it! Love the simplicity in the family room, love the fun in the kitchen!!

So sorry about your BIL, glad he is doing better.

Be well my friend!

Take care, Laura

michele said...

i crown you goddess of gorgeous mantels!

and i forgot the 'murder' thing. that is soooooo scary cool.

have a wonderful week, goddess.


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I'm super excited to see the first post that might link up to my Fall In Love party next week! YOu are super-prepared!!!

Your mantelpieces are looking GORGEOUS!!!


Vicki said...

Everything looks gorgeous! Hope your BIL is doing better. Sounds like quite a scare.

Martina said...

All the best for your Bill Michelle, hope he'll be home soon! Your house is so pretty with all your gorgeous decorations and so much love. Surely the best place to feel well again! xx

Desire Empire said...

Love the addition of the pumpkins.Looking forward to seeing your new logs as well.

And the group of crows being called a 'murder' is interesting. Must stem from a Latin word I guess.

Glad your BIL is doing well. Have a great week
BHG xx

YONKS said...

Oh Michelle,
How I love your style!
Is there really a place called Emerald Cove?

The DIY Show Off said...

Thoughts and prayers for your BIL and a speedy recovery!

Love your fall decorating. Both mantels are beautiful and so festive! ;)

Looking forward to seeing your treasures!

Tricia @ A Rosy Note said...

Your fireplaces look gorgeous, Michelle! I love your simple fall touches. Maybe you could come over and makeover mine? I'm feeling uninspired.

Amanda@RelovedRubbish said...

Michelle, your holiday mantels are gorgeous! I love how you incorporated halloween and still kept them beachy and chic.

the fishermans cottage said...

I think in all of blogland yours are always my favourite mantels, you're so good at getting the proportions right lol, well you know what I'm trying to say, it just works...and Get well soon Bil :) x

Trish said...

I love your Halloween decor! It's festive but still fits in with the rest of the decor you have going on. That's totally the way to do it!

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Oh, my gosh, is your Fall mantel fun & AWESOME! I'm going to make it the top picture of my next coastal mix! I have other awesomeness of yours in draft, the wood whale for example. I'm still in my flip flops, haha. said...

Oh what a wonderful job you did on your mantels {of course!!}. I really love the simplicity of the first one :O)

Love to you & Happy Fall!!!

Bonnie said...

Ohhhhh, prettyprettypretty!! I love these styles.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

ANNE said...

Both mantles look great! but I especially love the simplicity and contrast on the living room mantle. You've got such a great style! Best wishes for a prompt recovery for your BIL.

beachside cottage Linda said...

I hope BIL is better now...prayers for him and you ...

Your decorating looks beautiful - both are lovely - the first one especially wins my heart...

Best WIshes to you -
beachside cottage

Everything Coastal said...

Good Morning! Such cute ideas - I shared on our facebook page for this afternoon.

Sending good wishes and prayers for your brother in law for a quick recovery.


Green Willow Pond said...

Your mantels are so cute and fun. I especially like two little stacked pumpkins with the crow on top! I wish we would get white pumpkins up here. I'm definitely going to try to grow some next year. Have a fab weekend!

Love of the Sea said...

Really came out great. I may have to copy some of this look!!

Ann said...

I love your mantel...

looks really wonderful,

with a touch of creepy.

Melissah from Coastal Style said...

I hope BIL has made a good recovery by now. I love those white pumpkins - I have only seen green & orange ones in australia. The whit look so much more stylish!

Anchor Cottage said...

Where did you find your map of the Leelanau Peninsula?

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hey gorgeous girl,

I am so glad you remembered to come on over today!
The party wouldn't have been the same without you, one of my very first bloggy friends.


Denise at PinkPostcard. said...

so cute Michelle! it looks awesome. I love the simplicity and airiness of both. You have a gift. Hope everything is healing well with your BIL- that is so scary when things like that happen to an already complicated health issue. Have a great week!

Magali @ The Little White House said...

Both are wonderful. You're so lucky to have two mantels to decorate!

CalypsoInTheCountry said...

Your mantels are SO beautiful! I love all the details! I am loving those white pumpkins this year too - from Michaels of course!


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