Friday, September 9, 2011

I Will Remember

I, like all Americans, will never forget where I was 10 years ago on September 11, 2001.
It was a beautiful morning here in Michigan and I was dropping my daughter at Pre-school for the first time. Everything went well, she loves school and I as I roamed the memories of her up to that point I felt a sense of calm, a bit of sadness and so proud of her.

I got back into my car and headed to work.
I was listening to Howard Stern and he was talking about a plane that had hit one the Twin Towers in New York and then all of a sudden he was talking about other planes that had hit the other tower and the Pentagon. A plane had gone down In Pennsylvania.
The word terrorist began to be spoken and I immediately wanted to turn around and go get my daughter and take her home with me to be safe.

I felt anxious, scared and unsure.

What kind of world did I just drop my 3-year-old off into??!!

I was just devastated as we watched the towers fall, my heart sank, my soul just ached for all those involved.

I will remember those that died, those that survived, those that fought and those that carry on legacies.
I will remember those that watched and cried and held on to one another.
I will remember those that helped and those that came from afar to hold out a hand.
I will remember the hero's, I will remember the people.
I will remember America.
I will Remember.

God Bless.



Anonymous said...

Beautifully said Michelle! My son was at preschool that morning as well and I actually heard about it at Target - just so shocking - so many lives affected - I can't believe it has been 10 years. Thanks for the very meaningful post!

Karena said...

A time indeed to remember all who suffered and died during such a terrible tragedy.


Art by Karena

Hartwood Roses said...

That morning ten years ago changed my life ... for the better. The pain of the families of the victims of the attack on the Pentagon (a short 50 miles north of here) I learned about Therapy Dogs and how much of a difference a friendly dog and a kind handler can make to a person who is suffering.

My Emma and I took the therapy dog test in October 2001, and she and I visited as a team till 2009. Emma is still with us, at a ripe old age of 14 1/2, but she is too frail to work anymore. She still 'visits', with everyone who comes to our house or is sitting in the waiting room at the vet's office when she goes for her monthly acupuncture treatments.

Comeca Jones said...

So sad really thanks for reminding us to take a moment to remember the families.

simone said...

Thanks for sharing - and for remembering. Hugs my friend.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Very well said Michelle. I was also at work and when I heard the news, I to wanted to go get my daughters from school. Our family was scared for about 3 hours until we knew my sister and BIL were safe on the ground...they were flying that morning across the country.


Anonymous said...

Lovely tribute...

Stay well and hug your loved ones...

beachside cottage

michele said...

i was teaching preschool at the time so as parents brought their children and gave me little updates i had to listen but keep my smile wide for the kids and not face any of the tragedy until the end of the day. so much senseless violence and so much precious life and innocence lost.

and yet because of faith, i have hope.



becky said...

Me, too.

Carmie of the Single Nester said...

As if it were yesterday . . .

NanaDiana said...

I think every one of us remembers the exact moment we heard the news...and felt united with all our brothers and sisters in a way we never realized. God bless us all- xo Diana

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

That was such a surreal moment for me; I was at school studying for my first teaching license. I cannot believe how much has transpired since then. But one thing I do know that I have learned and that is crystal clear: LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

A Rosy Note said...

I remember that day so vividly too.

Heaven's Walk said...

That was so beautifully said, Michele. Just beautiful. I don't think any of us will ever forget where we were, what we were doing, and who we were with at that horrible moment in time. I was home alone working on installing a bluestone pathway around our lakehouse. I can remember sitting there in front of the TV - totally mesmorized and horrified and in tears. I never went back outside that day....I couldn't tear myself away from the news. Thank you for this beautiful post, lil sis.... ♥ God bless you.

xoxo laurie

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Such a beautiful post Michelle. I remember so clearly sitting and watching the Today Show. I remember seeing the plane hitting the tower and my jaw fell open, not believing what I was seeing. I remember crying so easily for days afterward. It was a horrible time. I will always remember.

Finding Home said...

A beautiful reminder, thanks Michelle.

Martina said...

Even here in Europe, we all remember what happened on that strange and horrible day! 10 years now ...Let's hope for a bright and happy future, where violence will be banned. Happy weekend Michelle!

Lynn said...

Beautiful tribute. I remember like yesterday. Was at work. My son had come in the night before on leave from the AF. When we knew it was not an "accident" my boss told me to leave, go be with my son. Driving as fast as I could, watching the sky in apprehension and praying my son would not have to leave before I got home. I will never forget those who gave their lives that day,or later as a result of being first responders, the heros both known and unknown, and our US Military in all branches that continue to keep us free, some giving the ultimate sacrifice still...... My son went to Afhganistan and came home safely. Blessings,

Cheryl said...

Beautiful post of a day none of us will ever forget...nor should we.

tinajo said...

I was so shaken by this as well, even though so far away in another country. Me and my hubby to be spent all of that day and almost all night in front of the TV, trying to grasp it all. Terrible day.


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