Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Round-Up

Happy Tuesday or Monday or Tuesday?
Anyway it feels like Monday but thank goodness it is Tuesday. :) I hope that you had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed your three day weekend.
We had a great weekend!
We went to a town near Chicago to go to a graduation party for one of our friends daughters, got to visit for a while with friends we haven't seen in about a year and then drove home Sunday in this..

It RAINED like you wouldn't believe!!!
There were tornado warnings to the south of where we were and what was a four hour trip turned into about 6.
I knew we should have stopped at IKEA to wait it out! :)

Monday was GORGEOUS here!!
It was finally sunny and about 90 so we decided to plant, well all except hubby who took a shift on patrol to make sure all the vacationers were behaving.

So the kids and I cleaned up the yard and planted a few things in the garden as well as my window boxes.

My hydrangea will bloom soon.

This is how the back garden looks right now with everything up.

View of it from the deck.

Here is our deck and a view of the my garden.
I planted some tall grasses that will hopefully hide underneath the deck.

Window boxes are filled with white impatiens, potato vine, some spikey things and one other filler plant that I can't remember what it is called. :)

I also put out my chairs to hid some of the ucky that is going on in the front that I showed you here.
(thank you Anne and Laurie for your amazing suggestion,s by the way, for my front. One day I will make those happen)

Here is my deck, one my favorite place to hang out during the summer months and enjoy the gardens, the wildlife and listening to the boats on Lake Michigan on a calm Sunday morning.

The chaise is from Pottery Barn that I purchased a couple years ago. The table and chairs from Walmart and the plastic chairs and umbrella from Lowe's last year.

And that would be Baja wondering she can't come out and play. Luckily her head fits through the slats. :)
With all the rain that we have had everything is very green and looks pretty good right now.
The yard and garden are coming along, still need LOTS of work, but for now this will do. It is peaceful, it is green and it was made by us. :)

I hope that you have a wonderful week!
Until next time!



Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

Your deck and gardens look fabulous. I love hostas. I can't get them to do well here. I am glad you had a nice weekend.

Donnie said...

Your deck and yard looks like a lovely place to enjoy summer time. Very pretty. Glad the weather didn't get worse.

Pam Kessler said...

I love that photo of your deck and all the hostas. Your backyard looks very pretty and relaxing. I want to come lay out on your chaise.

Cassie Bustamante said...

gorgeous! your deck and gardens are stunning. i would love to come over and sip margaritas there. :)

Tricia said...

What a nice view from your deck Michelle. It looks like you are really in the thick of the trees. I'm always for an abundance of foliage and the privacy it creates. Wish I had more here :)

Val said...

Your yard is so gorgeous. What a peaceful sanctuary.

Tonya said...

LOVE your deck!! I can see why its your favorite place to hang out! That chaise from Pottery Barn is so cute & looks soo comfy!!

Anonymous said...

I'm green with envy!!!
Becky @ abbeystyle.blogspot.com...commenting goes to anonymous...hard to post a comment...

Jenni said...

I love everything, Michelle! Your yard and gardens are looking so beautiful, and I love how you put the three colorful chairs in front like that! {I saw those chairs at Lowe's last month~ I noticed how affordable they were...hum...now you have me thinking. I have a little bit of yucky on our back patio I wouldn't mind hiding!} ;) Your deck is lovely, and the way you arranged the patio is perfect. :)

Now what is this I remember reading about you not thinking you are good at arranging things/gardening outside? Because I think you are! :)

I am glad to hear you had a good Memorial weekend! I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday. And I know what you mean~ it feels like Monday to me, too! :)


At The Picket Fence said...

Ok girl...for someone who claimed to not have a green thumb this is looking pretty fantasticly green thumb-ish! LOL! It looks lush and lovely and you are doing a great job. The tall grass by deck made me realize that I could do that with mine too! Thanks for the great idea friend! :-)

Marie said...

Hi Michelle - your garden and deck looks fantastic! Love the sea-colored adirondack chairs and umbrellas. I bet you can't wait till summer's here so you can see everything in bloom. But those surrounding trees are just spectacular.

Hope you can stop by for a second to join my poll and giveaway.

Kelle Dame said...

It's beautious! Love that chaise! I could nap on that thing for hours!! You've made it look so cozy! We need some outdoor furniture very badly!
You came pretty close to my neck of the woods this weekend!! I totally would have waited it out at Ikea :)

Finding Home said...

So pretty Michelle! I really love the garden along the back tree line. Our backyard is like that as well and I have been wanting to do something back there. Thanks for the inspiration! Have a great "short" week! Your friend, Laura

Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

Your yard looks beautiful! I'm so jealous!! My kids destroy anything I plant so I've all but given up on having a beautiful yard!

Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

And I thought you said gardening wasn't your thing. Looks great to me! Can't wait to see the window box when that sweet potato vine takes off.

Completely Coastal said...

It looks all so gorgeous!! Your porch area feels so secluded. I love all the trees. I'm taking off to FL for some time..., leaving all the gardening to my husband, haha!!

Ral @ARTbyRT Seascapes and Island Life said...

I love your deck and garden, very pretty!

High Street Cottage said...

Michelle it looks wonderful! I could move in;) Glad you had a good time with friends and family, I did the same this past week, we all need that from time to time. xxx

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Hi there Michelle~ What a beautiful yard you have! Love your deck area- so inviting and that sweet pup looking through the railing~ how sweet! I really need to get the rest of my window boxes planted too!
Hugs, Courtney

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

You sure know how to relax in style!!

Low Tide High Style said...

Wow, that sky looked really scary, glad it was only rain! And your yard...it makes me go AHHH, and makes me want to spend time relaxing in it!

Kat :)

P.S. I owe you a long email!

Deborah said...

Hi sweetie!!!
So glad you enjoyed yor weekend!!
Oh so sorry about all the rain though, but relieved that you are all okay.
Ikea is ALWAYS a good place stop though..rain or shine :)
Its nice to hear that it was a family affair with the gardening!
Your yard looks great hunny and that deck looks so inviting!!
Relaxing spot to eat and lounge in the summer sun..how lovely!!
Baja is the sweetest...little darlins'..they love to get in on the shots! :)
That chaise, chairs and tables are beautiful
and look so dreamy!
It would be heavenly to lounge beside you with our lime-aid chatting up a storm (well, not literally..lol )
All your special touches just bring such life and happiness to your summer-haven.
Hope you enjoy every day of your summer in your sweet home!!
Love you!

Deborah xoxoxox

simone said...

Hey girl, your yard is coming along fine. I'd love to spend time on your shady deck. We have high 90's here and it is supposed to go to the 100's by the end of the week. Yuck. Then AL weather will be here for sure. Take care

René said...

Your yard is beautiful! Everything looks so lush and ferns are one of my favorites. I love how your yard backs up to the woods - unlike ours.

Seawashed said...

You did such an amazing job on your yard!!!! Wow, what a difference. And your deck is so nice. I love all your deck furniture and umbrellas...I can hear the birds. Really you are close enough to lake Michigan that you can hear boats?! That is truly wonderful. Your home is so beautiful Michelle. ox

beachcomber said...

love your deck and all the beautiful trees and greenery around your home! enjoy your summer..
cheryl x

Brandi said...

Looks like you are on your way to a beautiful yard this summer. I love being in the garden too.

Leo said...

What a great looking yard you have. I love the deck too. Seems like I would spend all my time out there relaxing and reading. Very nice. Glad you had a nice weekend. It went by way too fast!

Anonymous said...

Your garden and deck are beautiful..That chaise is to die for..I love it..Have a great week..

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Everything looks so fresh and green! I love your deck. What a great spot to hang out. We have not had much rain at all lately so things have to be watered all the time. I love that big double lounger :)

Heaven's Walk said...

Hey sweetie pie!!! Aghhhh! Driving home in that storm must'ave been scaaaarey! Glad that you made it safely.

Your gardens and yard look fantastic, girl! You've done a beautiful job of cleaning them up and reorganizing! Do you live close enough to the lake that you can hear the boats? Wow.....I'm jealous now. lol! Your deck is just amazing with how you've styled it into different areas. Luuuuuvley!!!!

Smooches! xoxo laurie

Connie the crafterbug said...

It was so nice of you to visit me today. I love all your pictures, your yard looks beautiful! I do not envy your tornado warnings though. I am in the land of earth quakes and if something happened here, my husband would also have to be on patrol like yours.

Karena said...

Michelle, I adore your outdoor spaces!! The deck is fab, the Adirondack chairs are a must! The window boxes, wow!


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the fishermans cottage said...

It all looks wonderful Michelle, love your choice of plants and colours, I especially love your fern border :) x

Gypsea Nurse said...

M~ Beautiful!
I miss you!!
I haven't really been on or commenting in awhile... things a little nutty!
Glad to see you are well!
I will chat soon!

Arabella said...

Everything is so beautiful - you have a gorgeous yard and the deck is divine. I must say that I have a little crush on your shutters - did you guys make them? They are so cute! I love the simplicity & cottage effect they create.

Can't believe this week is half over - hope it's going well for you my sweet friend.

Big hugs,

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Your entire yard is so beautiful and peaceful. Love everything. That is so nice that you can hear the boats! I would really like that!

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

Your outdoor spaces and gardens are so pretty! It reminds me that I have so much landscaping to do....!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

It all looks outstanding...your hard work has really paid off. Lovin' the look you have out on your deck...so inviting!!!!


Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Dear Michelle
I love the outside of your home as much as the inside.. and think I mentioned before I love that grey!! fabulous...

Loving those turquoise deck chairs too.. are they the plastic? surely not.. anyway fabulous colour.. and .. although I'm sure it was horrid.. that emerald colour sky in your first shot is just amazing.. love it!! should become a storm chaser.. hahaha.. no.. too chicken!!

Sorry I've been absent.. I just gave up for a while with the blogger issues and my internet issues.. put it all in the too hard basket!! haha..

Have a great week.. ciao xxx Julie

beth said...

What a lovely garden! I love the colour of your house and the painted chairs. Everything goes together perfectly!
Beth x

Rose West said...

Everything looks really green and alive! Happy summertime!

koralee said...

Such Joy over at your home...love your deck and those umbrellas. I bet you are cool in the summer.Your yard looks so inviting. Hugs my friend. xoxo

Deborah@Green Willow Pond said...

What a lovely yard you have. It looks so peaceful. I'd love to have woods like that. That chaise looks very inviting too! Glad you made it home safely through that storm. We had tornado and strong storm warnings all around us, but we only got a sprinkle and a lot of wind.

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

It's looking terrific already! I love the double chaise.

Glad you made it home safe and sound.

Desire Empire said...

This is looking so Summery. Glad the weather has improved and what a way to spend it. I love achieving things in the garden.
Best Carolyn

lila Braga said...

Your deck and yard looks like a lovely place to enjoy summer time and great evenings with the family....lovely relaxing place to have fun too!
I love gardening ,but now that I am in Dubai all i have are a few vege boxes to enjoy...so sad!

Comeca Jones said...

Lookin quite "Beachy" at your house I love the chairs!

Debbie said...

Hi Michelle! Your yard looks so peaceful and serene. and the deck is really cool!!! LOVE the chaise! Looks like a little slice of paradise for summer living.
Looking forward to Allegan!!!!!!!!!

michele said...

those storms in chicago area rained on a special grad party i was at! we survived though. your deck looks so inviting, and i loved seeing what you put in your window boxes. i try to do something different each year (gardening is NOT my thing) and this year i highly doubt you'll see any photos. i'm LAZY when it comes to this stuff. i just want it DONE so i don't put my heart into it like i do with other stuff.

anyway, hope this finds you peacefully relaxing in the backyard.


sandra said...

WOW Michelle! Your backyard, garden, deck and flower boxes ALL look wonderful!!! I absolutely love that chaise! You've done a great job with your plantings, everything looks so lush and healthy! An oasis for sure!

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

everything looks great! I have one of the umbrellas & the same chars and I love their beachy colors!! hugs ,cathy


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