Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Fun

We had a fun night trick-or-treating!  It was a great night, a bit chilly but at least the rain cleared out.

The kids had fun with their costumes too.
The boy was a shark and the girl was a surfer carrying around the surfboard that I made for the boys room.

We hope you had a fun and safe night as well.

I welcome November in with open arms, it is my favorite month and not because it is my bday month, but because I love me some Thanksgiving food!!! :)

I will be back later to show you what I finished in the bonus room so far.

Enjoy your week and don't eat too much candy........well, at least in one sitting. :)


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Halloween Weekend

I just wanted to wish everyone a very SAFE and
  Happy Halloween!!!

(I had fun with Picnik and my photo)

I was going to take some photos of my floor that I finished staining but I ran out of batteries and my camera is dead! 


So I will show you next week and hopefully I can have the whole floor done including baseboards.

We have some Halloween fun ahead of us this weekend with parties, work and of course trick-or-treating on Monday!

I will see you next week!

Have a HOWWWLING good time!!



Monday, October 24, 2011

Ideas for the Bonus Room

Happy Monday my friends!
It was a busy weekend with sports and we weren't home hardly at all and I have lots to do,
 instead I am dreaming.
I have finished the wood graining process of the floor in my bonus room and now I have to stain and then put the trim up..crossing fingers that I can do that this week.

Here are some inspiration photos from Pinterest that I am loving for that room.
I would like something cozy, warm and peaceful.
Maybe a little on the romantic side too, we will see.
I love so many things and since my home is mainly sea-inspired I am thinking of taking this room in a bit of a different direction.

I have gathered some lovelies already and need to paint and sew some goodies as well.

Here is the color scheme that I am aiming for.

I love the lights with the shears!!

Source: None via Michelle on Pinterest

I have something similar to this, not as cool as a real one though.

Pinned Image

I have started to make a ruffled panel for the doorway.  We need something to cover the opening because in the winter the cool air comes down into the kitchen and makes it COLD!

Would love a rug like this.

I have my eye on a shabby chic floor lamp but not sure I want to spend the money.  They have some at Target and Meijer's that I can paint, but I want a ruffle shade for these!

So anyway, that is what is on my brain this week.
Now I guess I have to go clean and start staining the floor.

Have a wonderful Monday!!!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Michigan's Haunted Lighthouses

"What brings ghosts and lighthouses together? Perhaps they are haunted by
residual energy from the past... or the spriits of their former keepers, who cannot cross over
and leave their lights unattended..

There is no doubt that the Great Lakes, and the shores of Michigan, have more than their share of lighthouses. These lights have guided the way for sailors for generations....and may be still guiding the way today, for their ghosts.

Since Halloween is getting closer I thought I would share some of Michigan's haunted past.  Michigan has so much history, especially being surrounded by 5 Great Lakes, I thought I would focus on the lighthouses.

There are 116 lighthouses in Michigan, the most of any state, and it is said that 9 of those are haunted, of which I will share 5 with you.

1. Saginaw River Rear Range Lighthouse

It is believed that the two Saginaw River Lighthouses are the first range lights built on the Great Lakes. Range lights allowed mariners to line up the lights, one behind the other, to safely navigate through the center of the river's shipping channel. Members of the Coast Guard who stayed there reported hearing heavy footsteps on the iron staircase of the Rear Range Light's tower. When they investigated the noise, no one was ever found. It is unknown who is haunting the tower, but the lights were deactivated in the 1970s and no one has occupied the building since. The tower is not open to tours but you can still view the lighthouse by boat, and maybe you can be the first to spot the ghost through the windows that peer out over the river.

2. Old Presque Isle Lighthouse

This Lake Huron lighthouse was only operational for 31 years, but it is well-known for its ghosts. Many say you can hear a woman's screams some nights from the ghost of a keeper's wife who was locked away in the tower long ago. But it's the ghost of George Parris that is the most talked about. He and his wife moved into the keeper's cottage in the 1990s to run the museum and give tours. Since George died, the light in the lighthouse comes on at dusk and goes off at dawn every night. This may not seem that odd for any other lighthouse, but this one’s light had been permanently disabled. Air National Guard pilots have even reported seeing the light, and the Coast Guard has gone so far as to remove the old light from the tower—but it still shines. The building and grounds are open daily to the public from mid-May through mid-October.

3. Seul Choix Lighthouse

Overlooking Lake Michigan from Seul Choix Point, this 78-foot tower went into service in 1892. One of its keepers, Captain Joseph Townsend, is said to still haunt the lighthouse and museum to this day. Townsend died in the keeper's house in the early 1900s. For months they could not bury his body because of the winter weather, so his body was kept in the basement. Maybe it's because his body was not laid to rest for so long that today visitors and staff alike have reported the strong stench of cigars (he was an avid cigar smoker) throughout the buildings. Staff at the museum have seen the place settings and chairs in the museum’s kitchen disturbed, and some have even reported seeing a man peering through the windows. You can visit the museum and take a tower tour daily from Memorial Day through mid-October.

4. Big Bay Point Lighthouse

Here on the north shore of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, William Prior, who became this station's inaugural keeper in 1896, finally may have given up his duties. Mr. Prior began his lightkeeping duties in 1896, and stayed only five short years.  He was looking for an assistant and found the perfect helper in 1899; his son George.  Unfortunately, in 1901, George had an accident and was injured by falling down some steps, and eventually died in a hospital.  A month later, William Prior walked away from his lighthouse duty and unto the nearby woods with his gun and some strychnine, being presumably grief-stricken for his son.  His body was eventually found by a hunter seventeen months later in 1902, a skeleton hanging from a tree in the woods, not too away far from the haunted Big Bay Point Light. Surveying Lake Superior from atop a 60-foot bluff, the light station now operates as a romantic bed-and-breakfast with fireplaces and even spa services. William, dead these past 105 years, apparently still insisted on "helping"―until innkeeper Linda Gamble angrily told him off when his slamming of kitchen cabinet doors awakened her one night a few years ago. Neither William nor the other five resident ghosts have been heard from since. Well, so far, anyway.

5. White River Light Station, Whitehall

One ghost here apparently likes to help with the dusting. Oh, that we all could be so haunted! This Great Lakes lighthouse was deactivated in 1960, though its lens remains in the museum that now inhabits the limestone tower and keeper's quarters. Captain William Robinson, the light's first keeper, served for 47 years and died in the building. Some think the mysterious pacing sounds heard upstairs indicate that he still tends his beloved lighthouse. Meanwhile, the museum curator reports that if she leaves a dust rag near a certain display case, she returns to find the rag moved and the case dusted. The supernatural suspect: William's wife, Sarah. The museum is open June-October, and by appointment during the other months

This lighthouse is the closet to me and I have actually been there.  We did not go inside because we were just there to take photos of it, I had no idea that it was even haunted at the time.  
It really is a beautiful lighthouse.

To learn more about haunted lighthouses you can go to Coastal Living and they have the top 15 most haunted lighthouses in the US.

I hope you enjoyed.
Lighthouses are so beautiful and served an important purpose in history and today.  The keepers took their jobs very seriously.  Their stories are many, some romantic and others tragic, but they all seem to want to be Keepers of the Light forever.


Monday, October 17, 2011

More Fall Fun and Floor Update

Hello there!!
I have missed you all but had a great week last week unplugging for a bit.
It was so nice here so we took advantage of the weather and played outside.
I really do not like raking leaves but watching the boy play in them was so fun, he just makes me laugh.

I also got a little bit of time to work on the bonus room floor.
Here are a couple photos of the wood graining process so far.

It is turning out ok for the most part but like I had said earlier, it is difficult to get a nice wood look when the plywood is rough and uneven.
I love the shabbiness of it so I am good with it.

I have also decided to add another process to it, not sure why I do this to myself.
I found a stain called Sunbleached at Lowes and I love it!
I played around with it on my sample board and it really warmed up the wood so I am going to apply that over top the stain like you see above in the corner there.
I will then sand some of the areas to get a more warn look.
Well at least that is what I have in my mind as of now.

Here is how the whole room looks so far.
It is hard to see the floors but I am about a little over half way done with the graining.
I didn't fill the lines where the boards meet cause, well, I am lazy. I would tell you that it looks more shabby that way but that really isn't the case. :)
I am hoping with a few area rugs that it won't be so bad.

The weather has turned cooler and windy here so this is my goal for this week.

Have a wonderful week!!


Friday, October 14, 2011

Holy Spam!!

Hi everyone, just dropping to to let you know that I have had a TON of spam this week on my blog, not really sure what that is all about all of a sudden.
I have had a least 2-3 every day this week and it is really annoying!

Anyway, I turned on the word verification for a bit to see if that will help, so sorry.
Hopefully I won't need it for too long.

I am having a great week, it has turned cooler and windier and needless to say that all the pretty leaves are now on the ground.....Yippy, raking!!! :)

Source: None via Tina on Pinterest

I hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you next week!!!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Fun With Instagram

It has been


here for the last week!!

The colors are at their peak here and they are gorgeous!
I can't remember when they have been so vibrant like this. I love living in the woods this time of year.
It is supposed to get cooler towards the end of the week and windy as well so I am sure that the leaves will start falling quickly, in which I am not as happy living in the woods. :)

We got out some this weekend in between a soccer game, volleyball tourny and work so I played around with the fall colors and the Instagram app on my iphone.

I really heart this app!!!!

I haven't done a whole lot as far as the bonus room but I did manage to do a few rows with the graining tool and it is looking ok. The biggest problem is the plywood is rough so I don't get a smooth finish like the sample board I had but it will work.

I am taking a bit of a computer break this week to enjoy the rest of the great weather and get some things done outside and just enjoy my favorite season.
I hope you all have a great week and I will see you soon!!!



Thursday, October 6, 2011

MMmm...Mmmm Good!

Hello my dear friends!
Can I just say that you guys are the best.
Thank you so much for all your kind words of support and friendship.
I love being a part of a place where others just get it, ya know?
We understand how things go, we relate and we share.

Today I wanted to warm your hearts like you do mine so I wanted to pass along a delicious recipe that my friend Heather from At The Picket Fence shared last week.

It is the Pasta e Fagioli - Inspired by Olive Garden





you can use in the slow cooker!!!

Just click here to get and print out the recipe as well as see all the wonderful things that Heather and her sister Vanessa have, they are so sweet.

So when it starts to look like this out
(the gales of November are a bit early this year)

grab yourself a bowl of warm soup and relax by candle light or fire light and warm your heart and soul.

Thank you Heather for sharing this!!!!


Monday, October 3, 2011


...that is how I feel today.
You know, just......huh.
Not bad, not good.
Not sure why, just one of those days I guess.
Last week was a long week with my brother in law in the hospital (he is home now and doing very well, thank you, thank you for all your thoughts and prayers) and then my little man was pretty sick all week long.
He is feeling much better now and back his naughty little self.
I guess he couldn't have picked a better week to be sick, it rained here the entire week and was cold which made it for good snuggle weather.

So today it was back to somewhat normal.
I played around with my blog a bit.
Changed my header and a few other things.
I also added piano music.
I love piano music, especially in the fall by the fire, so cozy and relaxing.
I hope you enjoy it, if not you can pause it, no worries. :)

I Did laundry.
Ran a few errands, nothing special.

I think what I was really doing was procrastinating.

Remember I showed you this room last post?

Well here is what it looks like now.

I have the wall all painted and the floor ready to be painted.

But I am afraid.

I looked at a ton of beautiful inspirations this weekend for the direction I want to go with this room, like


or maybe this,

or perhaps this

I really love the farmhouse/romantic/industrial look and I want something a little but different from the rest of the house.
Don't worry, I will still add a few of my favorite beachy things. :)

I also played with the flooring and how I wanted to go about painting it.
I picked up some sample colors and a wood grain tool and went at it.

And then after I spotted a piece of wood that I had painted with my living room trim color and tried a white glaze over the top and

This is what I am going to attempt to do to the plywood floor.
(Good thing I bought all the sample paints just to use what I already had, UGH!)

So here I go.
If you hear a loud scream it will probably be me trying to figure out how to use the wood grain tool on a large floor without smearing it and messing it all up.
I think I am going to work in sections and see how that goes.

I will be back soon!

Have a great week!


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