Saturday, November 19, 2011

Winner and a Bit of a Break

I want to thank everyone who entered the Shabby Apple Giveaway!
The winner of the Da Vinci dress is

I will email you today and let you know what you have to do!

Thank you again!!

And remember you can still use the code EMERALDCOVE10OFF at checkout and save 10% until Dec 14.

I am also going to be signing off for a while, not sure how long, for sure through Thanksgiving.
We have run into a small crisis this week, which we are hopefully almost over, and that has set me back a bit.
I have 17 people coming over for Thanksgiving so I will be getting ready for that and it is my birthday on Wednesday and I will be preparing for that!  hahah!!

I have also run out of steam on projects and such and right now my heart just isn't into it. 
I need to focus my attention, at least for a bit, on me and my family and getting to things that I haven't in a while that I need.  I know we all go through this and I will be back but just need to recharge and regroup for a bit.

I will always have my email open so if you need anything or just want to talk please email me. :)

Happy Thanksgiving to you.  
Have a safe and wonderful holiday and thank you again for everything you do and are!!



Monday, November 14, 2011

Shabby Apple Giveaway!!!

Well it's Monday and what better way to start off a Monday than with a giveaway!!
The wonderful people at Shabby Apple have offered you a chance to win one of their beautiful dresses!

Shabby Apple has beautiful woman's dresses as well as little girl's dresses for all occasions!

Adorable girls 

So what will you win exactly?
 We have chosen the Da Vinci dress:
One part sweatshirt, one part puff-sleeved perfection, this easy-wearing number has a flare for the informal with its drop waist, A-line skirt and kangaroo pockets. Pack it for your next weekend getaway or make it a part of your everyday routine. 
(please click the link to see more of the Da Vinci dress)
I thought it looked comfy and casual and perfect for everyday.

To enter to win the Da Vinci dress all you need to do is "Like" Shabby Apple on Facebook and come back and leave me a comment letting me know that you have.

Unfortunately you have to have a US mailing address to win and there will be no exchanges for the dress.
Shabby Apple is also giving my readers a 10% discount, international included, on their orders.
When you check out just enter  the coupon code 
this code is only good for 30 days from today and could be great to use for a gift for Christmas! :)

The giveaway will end Friday November 18 at Midnight Eastern Time.
Please don't forget to give me an email address so I can contact you.

Good Luck and have fun shopping!!


Thursday, November 10, 2011


Hi again!
I am sitting here in the dark writing this, with the only light being that from my dying fire and my dying computer.  
You see the gales of November are upon us here in Michigan and that means that not only is it approaching the winter season but it also means that it is power-outage season in my neck of the world.
We live in the woods and well, you know.
So I have been trying to keep warm by finding lovelies on Pinterest. :)

and just for fun.....

How YOU doin'?

So I hope you have a wonderful weekend and stay warm, maybe one or all of these will help.
 I know some of the areas of the US are getting hit pretty hard with some nasty weather and hopefully you are not sitting in the dark as well.
Hopefully the power is back on by the time this posts.
Although it is kind of peaceful for now. :)



Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Hello to you!
I hope you are all doing well.
I just wanted to stop in and show you the ruffled curtain that I made out of Walmart sheets.
I used this tutorial from A boy, a girl and a pug.  
Although because I was lazy and the room was starting to become very blue from my frustrations I decided to not add the last two rows.
Shabby right!!??

As you can see from the photo below I need to go back and sew a portion of one of the ruffles back on.
Not sure how I totally missed that, well I am sure how but, you know. :)

I needed to put a curtain here to hide this!!
The old dirty carpet, which I did really love, and the fun sun yellow that the room used to be.  
The stairway will have to wait until later.
Also the bonus room gets really cold in the winter and the cold air blows down into the house so it makes the kitchen area cold so the curtain blocks the air and it just looks pretty. :)

I also finished the cedar chest.
This is a very special piece to me, it was my Grammy and Papa's and is one of the few things that I have left from their home.
My hubby stripped it and stained it 15 years ago and it was in our bedroom for a long time.
I gave it another chapter in it's life and love it all painted and shabbied up. 

So that is where I am. 
 It is rainy this week so I am up there working on the slip cover for the couch thingy and I even got all my mess cleaned up.
Ok, I put the mess in the basement but I did manage to donate and trash some things. :)
 I organized the cedar chest and it holds quite a bit of stuff.

Have a wonderful week!!


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Floors and a Mess

So last weekend I finished the bonus room floor.  I really like it for being plywood but it was a lot of work that I hope to not have to do in a long long time.  :)

If you don't recall what I did I first painted the sub flooring a light gray, Smooth Stone from Gliddon.
I then used a wood graining tool, white paint and a glaze to make grains into the paint.
I then went over all of that with a stain called Sun Bleached.
It is hard to see but hopefully you can kind of get the idea.
I would show you the whole floor but you will see why I didn't at the end of this post.  :)

Of course certain someone's have to be in the picture.

With the floors done I started on the furniture that I planned to use.
I had a kitchen island from Crate and Barrell that I purchased a long time ago that was too big for our kitchen.  I used it in my previous craft room but decided that I would try to make it a bit prettier.

I picked up Annie Sloan Coco and painted it.
It is a really pretty brownish-gray
(again, hard to see with my amazing photography skills)

It wasn't bad but it wasn't fitting into my vision so I picked up some dark stain and stained the top.

Well needless to say that sucked!
I mean it is really pretty and I like how it turned out, but it was even farther from my vision so I resorted to my  backup plan.
I stole the desk from my daughters room.
All she uses it for is to gather junk that she says she needs.
I will try to find a new desk for her with drawers to hide everything. :) 

here is where I am.....

I feel like I am no further from the last time I posted about this room but I am plugging away.
My goal is to get it finished before Thanksgiving.
Crossing my fingers and toes on that one!

I also want to thank you for all your wonderful comments, emails and friendship.  
I am sorry if I don't get back to everyone on each post, time seems to go so quickly these days.
Please know that I read and LOVE all your comments.




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