Saturday, November 13, 2010


I can't even put into words how thankful I am for friends like you! I was so overwhelmed (in a great way) with all your kinds words of encouragement, thoughts and prayers. You have all touched my heart deeply! I am so humbled by this blog world and how each of you does not hesitate to reach out to one another in a time of need.
My dad told me that my mom read my post and was just overwhelmed (again in a good way) at all the kindness that you all showed to someone you have never physically met.
She thanks you!

My mom did great during surgery and came home yesterday to rest and heal. The doctors said that everything went well and that he is hopeful that they will not have to do this again! It was a tricky surgery because they worked very close to her optic nerve and other important areas (can't remember the technical terms) but nothing was nicked or touched. I guess they did A LOT of scrapping (sorry, I know that sounded awful) to get all the infection out. She is in a good bit of pain but that should subside each day as swelling goes down and things start to heal up. She goes back on December 20 to see how things are progressing and my mom and dad ar
e still planning a trip to Williamsburg, which is one of their favorite places to visit.
My dad told me that my mom read my post and was just overwhelmed at all the kindness that you all showed to someone you have never physically met.

My craft show went well today! I was afraid after yesterday that it was going to be a bust but it turned out very well for me!

(my sign still lives with me however :) )

I have one more show in December and will most likely make some more signs and maybe a few frames and Christmas-y things to fill the holes.

I want to extend my sincerest of heart-felt thanks to you all. It was an emotional and busy week for me and you all lifted up my spirits and your encouragement meant the world to me.

From the bottom of my little humbled heart..


Now I am going to go have date night with hubby and then hopefully relax and catch up on things tomorrow!

~~Hugs to you all~~


Simple Daisy said... sorry I missed your mom's surgery! Glad everything went well! Sometimes I think I need surgery...I am forever having sinus infections! Stinks!
Anywho...glad you did well on your craft show too!!!!
And I use picnik too but have never upgraded to the paid package...I love what you did with it! might have to check it out!

Beach House Living said...

Glad to hear your mother's surgery went well. Hope the pain subsides soon and she is on the mend quickly.

White and Rust said...

So happy to hear your mom is on the mend! And that your craft show went well! Good for you!

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

Glad to hear your mom's surgery went well. Have a fun date night.

Vanessa said...

Hi Michelle! I'm so glad things went well for your mom and that despite the pain, she is recovering well. I'm also thrilled that your craft show went well and I think your sign just knew it was meant to live with you...for awhile at least! :-)
Thanks so much for your sweet email and have a great time out with your hubby!

Deborah said...

Have a cuddly date night with your sweetheart!

Much love,
Deborah xoxo

Stacey said...

Hi Michelle, so wonderful to hear of your mom's recovery! Williamsburg! I was there last Oct...usually my hubby and I take a 3 day trip to Wellsboro every October...just breathtaking, last year we didn't book soon enough and there were no vacancies anywhere. So Williamsburg it was! Thanks for the memories : ) Stacey

Tricia said...

Hi Michelle! So glad to hear that your mom's surgery went okay and that she is recovering well. I'm so happy for you that your craft show turned out too! Have a nice night :)


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