Monday, November 22, 2010

Winner and Dining Room Christmas

Hello my friends! I hope that you are all having a wonderful start to this week! Some of you are busy preparing for Thanksgiving and hopefully you are all able to spend some time with loved ones!

I just wanted to thank you again for all your support and comments of friendship and inspiration! I am so happy to have started blogging and even happier that I have met all of you!!


I truly wish I could get everyone of you something!
I am happy to announce that the winner of my "A BIG
THANK YOU" giveaway is

Shari does custom blog designs and is so talented! Her blog is full of beautiful inspirations!

Just send me an email with your address and I will get that to you!

Thank You!!!

I am finished decorating my Dining area/kitchen!
I went with simple, natural and soft colors with pops of red here and there!
I showed you some of my kitchen decor here, with my red skates and trees!

My beautiful scale that my wonderful friend Tracy gave to me is now decorated with evergreens, white tipped pine cones and sparkly white pine cones!

A larger view of my little vignette from here.

I just added some evergreen branches to my hutch along with a wreath and a few of my favorites from Christmas's past.

(I think that I need a bigger wreath)

The little thing in front of the picture is actually a small frame that holds three pictures. I painted it black, put some coffee filters in and then put small glass votives on top of those to add a little texture!

I purchased the lace table runner a long time ago and haven't used it until now!

Also, today is my birthday, 37 years young!

I have to say that in those years I have survived my big brother tormenting me, school, many jobs, childbirth, surgeries including two heart attacks and open heart, trying to raise two wonderful children, 14 years of marriage (and still going strong) and of course all the wonderful things that life throws at me on a day to day basis!


nothing has prepared me for



Actually it is the third one that I have found this year (yes I am counting).
Might have to go buy a little box-o-color!!!


Unknown said...

Happy birthday, gorgeous! I love it! I am so excited to win, and your vignettes look just wonderful! My goodness you are talented! XX!

Deborah said...

Its your birthday and I want to just SHOUT it over the rooftops!!!!!
You are the most precious friend, and I love you..with all my heart!!
I wish I could be there with you to surround you with birthday hugs and smiles...
Your decor is ever....stunningly beautiful!
As I walk into your living room here, I can sense the warmth of love all around and the beauty of who you are poured out everywhere...
You are MORE than gorgeous and thats not a white hair hunny, its just paint from all the decorating you've been doing!!! Trust me..thats all it is!
Forget the box of are amazingly beautiful..INSIDE and OUT!!!!!!
Love you my angel sent from above..

Deborah xoxoxoxooxox

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Many happy returns, birthday girl!

I hope you spend the day snuggled up in your gorgeous living room! It's beautiful, Michelle!


Erin said...

Happy Birthday Michelle!!! I love what you have done, it is gorgeous...As for that gray hair, might as well stop counting, you'll only add more. Have a great day!

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

Happy Birthday!!! You are gorgeous. I hipe you have a great day. Love your dining area...your Christmas decor makes it even better.

Val said...

In my loudest singing voice....Clearing my throat. Ok here is goes!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MICHELLE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. 37 has never looked so good. I hope you have the best day ever.

Finding Home said...

First of all, a very Happy Birthday you young lady!!!!!! Everything looks beautiful and congrats to getting it all done so early so you can enjoy your Holiday a little more. So amazing to learn that you have gone through so much with your health. Glad that you are doing so well now.

As far as the THIRD gray hair, be thankful! I have been coloring my hair every 5 weeks for many years now - and the box from the store doesn't even work any more!

Truly enjoy your day - Happy Birthday!

Amanda @ Healthy House on the Block said...

Happy Birthday, Michelle! I hope your day yesterday was absolutely beautiful! And I hope your next year is full of blessings! <3

ChRiS said...

happy birthday!!!!!! for every grey hair you pull 2 more grow back!!

dedeetsyshop said...

Everything looks great! So festive! :) Hope you have a great birthday!! Take some time for yourself!

René said...

Ha! Thanks for the reminder to touch up my roots today :) You look beautiful Michelle!


Deb said...

Happy Birthday look marvelous girl! Love your scale and all your beautiful Christmas decorating! Have the best day...and eat cake! ~Deb~

Low Tide High Style said...

Happy Birthday To You!!! Both your home and you my dear look fabulous! I hope you have a wonderful day!! And only 3 gray hairs?! Pfft, I keep hair dye on hand at all times...but hey I'm much older than you! ;-)

Congrats to the winner too!

Kat :)

Drawn to The Sea said...

Happy Birthday, dear Michelle :-) I raise my orange juice glass to you & wish you only wonderful things. You DO give something to everyone... each visit is a treat, an inspiration, a peek at your pretty home... you leave little presents... little smiles for all... in every corner of your blog.

White and Rust said...

Happy Birthday, you are looking great at 37 years young!! Your house is sooo cozy! Have a Wonderful day!

Amy Kinser said...

Happy birthday! I hope it's a wonderful day full of great things! Don't worry about that little gray hair, the Bible says it shows you have wisdom.

Your house looks great. You know I love it!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!!

Your room looks the scale!

Happy Thanksgiving too!

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

~*~*Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!! And congrats to the lucky winner..and loved your tidbit about the gray hair..LOL!! Hugs,Rachel~*~

Noble Vintage said...

Happy Birthday Michelle!! I hope you have a fun day celebrating!
Your Christmas decor is looking so pretty. Love it!

The Single Nester said...

Happy Birthday Girl!! You look great. Don't worry about the gray.

Sarah @ Cozy.Cottage.Cute. said...

Hope you have a lovely birthday.

P.S. Your house is so pretty!!!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Happy Birthday Friend!!!!!!!!!!!
OK, count yourself lucky, I'm only one year older then you and have to go get my hair "done" every six weeks or I would have a full head of grey. I can thank my mom for that! I love the color, just not on my head :)
Congrat's to the winner and your house is looking fabulous!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Robin Johnson said...

Happy Birthday! I sure hope you are treating yourself to something extra special today!

Your decorations are so pretty. I just love the scale all decked out!

Tricia said...

Hi Michelle! I hope you had a very Happy, Happy Birthday! I wouldn't give those three gray hairs a second thought, you look gorgeous. My hair started turning gray when I was 25...ugh. BTW, I love your scale with the evergreens. Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving.

Recaptured Charm said...

Your dining room is GORGEOUS! So comfortable and inviting.
I know what finding the first grey hair is all about! I managed to make it to 47 without a grey, but I found one this year too. Ahh well, embrace it!

Iris @ Treasuring the Journey said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Michelle! Hope your day was great! :-) Your house looks lovely all dressed up for the holidays! ~Iris~

Vanessa said...

Hey girl! I don't know how I missed this post but I want to wish you a VERY Happy Birthday!!! You are such a lovely woman inside and out and it has been a true pleasure and blessing getting to know you here in blogland! And as far as the gray hair goes, I'm turning 35 soon and have found WAAAYYY more than that so I think you are doing pretty good, my friend! :-)
I hope you have a fabulous rest of your Holiday week!

A Whole Lotta Magic said...

Hey Michelle!

Check out Beach Bungalow; I have a little surpirse for you!


Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

I am really liking your dining area decor. The greens with the whites - very striking! Gray hairs aren't worth stressing over - truly. And after all you have survived - you probably know that. Happy Birthday!

Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea said...

Happy belated B-day and Happy early Thanksgiving:) Your house is lovely. Don’t miss the give-a-ways, linky party and Bavarian Christmas starting 26 Nov!

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE!!!!!!! I am late wishing you a happy birthday- I apologize- I am catching up ... you are gorgeous girl and you look mahvelous- so forget about that gray! I am loving your space- the scale and the delightful white tree, everything... your rooms look so beautiful and warm already. Happy Thanksgiving too! :)

Restoration House said...

Happy Birthday Michelle! Love the Christmas decorating. The scale, the little white tree...everything. I'm a new follower now!

Amanda@RelovedRubbish said...

I missed this post, but I hope you had a wonderful birthday. By the way, you have beautiful skin and you look really young! Three gray hairs is not much to worry about :)

Your house is so beautiful! I love your laid back, casual, yet chic style!

I love the white tree in the galvanized bucket and the hutch looks fabulous with all the greenery tucked in. I also like the mini wreath with the pinecones - it is perfect for the hutch. I think I want to make a couple of little wreaths like that to hang in my windows!

Simple Home said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Two heart attacks and open heart surgery? You look incredible! My mother is 84 and has never grayed...however, I seem to be taking after my dad :-)

Polly said...

Ohmigoodness Michelle, I have been so crazy busy and not doing much blog surfing and I missed this post about your birthday! I'm sorry this is late, but Happy Birthday to you!! Finding 3 grey hairs would make my day....I have about 3000! Nothing Loreal can't fix!! LOL

Love that white tree in the tin bucket!! That room looks so inviting!

Happy holiday decorating!!


Deborah@Green Willow Pond said...

I too have been a bad blogger lately. So many other things are pulling my attention right now. But I feel terrible I missed your birthday.

You are truly beautiful inside and out Michelle. I am so blessed to have met you in blogland. I have about 13 years on you my sweet friend and much more than 3 gray hairs! I'm blond so it didn't show too much until a couple years ago. Now Loreal Excellence to Go is my friend LOL!

I hope this coming year is a wonderful year, full of blessings, love and lots of fun projects!

Seawashed said...

Oh I missed your Birthday. Happy belated. You look so young! But you are 7 yrs. younger than me. tee hee...You are so beautiful. Thank you for all your faithful visits to Sea Cottage. Every comment you leave means so much! I have been a terrible blog visitor this Autumn. I just needed to cut back and spend more time doing my 'job'...Homemaker.

I lOvE your sweet lil Country tree. I thought I found a good deal with the 6 ft. Target tree for $20. But you did alot better. I've been decorating today too...which I will probably post about this week.

Have a beautiful beginning of December. ox`kerrie

Kelle Dame said...

i love your blog!! These rooms are so cozy chic! Just came over from Shari at Little Blue Deer. You're going right onto my blog roll!
Your newest follower,
P.S. I have TONS of gray hairs and I'm 29.


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