Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My First Blog!!

Hello everyone! Honestly this is all new to me and I am not sure what or where this is all going to go but, I am going to give it a try!

My goal is to share my vision and dreams of becoming a work-at-home mom. I starting selling on esty a little over a year ago. I started with my frames but have found that a little challenging so I moved onto jewelry. I fell in love with jewelry making in high school art (thank you Mrs. Boyce). My favorite was making rings out of wax mold. I however, cannot do that at this time, maybe some day. So, I am learning the art of wire wrapping and just designing my own pieces out of sterling silver, stones, beads, and whatever catches my eye.

My life is a little hectic with kids so my progress on my business is slow. I am, however, determined, little by little, to get this beast up and running and to become successful, in my own mind, at this craft.

Thank you for following me and I hope that I don't disappoint!



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