Monday, August 9, 2010

Factory Cart Coffee Table

First I want to thank Maya at Completely Coastal for having me as a guest blogger on Monday!! I had so much fun showing you my beach-inspired home! Also, thank you for all the wonderful comments that you left, they all meant so much to me!!

I am in love with these beautiful Antique Factory Carts! I first saw one in Pottery Barn and had to have it!!!

"These historic Antique Factory Carts were originally used in various factories throughout the United States to transport goods around the factory. Over the years, people have begun collecting these carts for their unique individual character and "green" qualities. These carts are used for several purposes; unique coffee tables, retail display tables, indoor firewood storage, garden apparatus, as a functioning cart, and much more. Perfect for loft apartments, beach houses, lake houses, hunting lodges, or any urban house, as the focal point of any room. Despite already being a 100 years old they will be here and still in great condition for our grandchildren to enjoy. Also they have been in proudly displayed in magazines such as Coastal Living, Southern Living, and the cover of March 09' Total Beach House Magazine (a Coastal Living Published Magazine)." - Mike's Antique Factory Cart

A cart on Mike's Antique Factory Cart site before it was refinished

And after it was refinished..beautiful!

How they look in rooms!

Not an original but the intimation carts are very beautiful as well, and a little less expensive!
This one is on sale right now for $299.

I have seen them range in price from $250 to $1300!

I have not purchased one yet but wouldn't it look so great in my family room??!!!


Completely Coastal + Daily Vitamin Sea said...

I think they look pretty awesome, although a tad to low for me.

Rene said...

Yes, you need one of those. The kids would have a ball with it :) Seriously, it would look great in your room.


simpledaisy said...

Ooh..I love them!! I would love one for my outdoor area:))


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