Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kitchen Update

Just thought that I would show you where I am so far in my kitchen re-re-re-do. I have all the bottom cupboards painted as well as the doors.

I had an issue when I went to paint my lazy-susan door, I found that it was broken and would not turn without rubbing on the bottom and scratching the wood. So, I decided to remove the whole thing. I really don't like the lazy-susan and she was NOT happy with me so we had a few choice words and a couple kicks here an there and, well....

I won! :)

It felt good to get a little frustration out!!

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the kitchen so far. The island is painted already and starting putting polyurathane on them today.

I started on the upper cabinets with the 'Crisp Linen White".

I can't beleive how much brighter my kitchen is already!

I forgot how much of a pain the inside of the cabinets were to paint!! I had painted another section a few years ago, so they were a little easier to coat, but the unpainted ones...ugh!!!

All in all I am REALLY happy with the way it is turning out!! You can tell the difference between the colors on the back splash above the sink.

It is my parents 45th wedding anniversary today and they are renewing their vows in their backyard garden!

Have a great one!!!


Deborah said...

Hi Michelle!
Thanks for your lovely comments :)
Your cupboards are looking great! Isnt white fresh looking! Im painting tooand Im loving the difference white makes!
So many ideas..just to find the time!! :)
Slow but'll have to be :)
Have a good evening

Deborah xo

Karena said...

Beautiful Jewelry Michelle, and thank you for the leads!!

Art by Karena

The Frosted Gardner said...

Hi Michelle,

Your project is coming along nicely! Cannot wait to see the final reveal. Enjoy your garden party today with your parents.



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