Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wood Tool Box Reveal!

I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful comments you left about my 'finds' that I painted this weekend, it means so much to me to hear what you think!

I am trying to get ready for our Annual Art in the Park coming up this Saturday to sell some of my picture frames. So yesterday I started making some more to bring with me.
Here is a quick peek at my craft room.
We converted our attic into a bonus room and I claimed it as my room!!

It is in need of a change, but that will have to be a winter project.

My assistant (this is Bosco) destroying my inventory!

After about an 1/2 hour of gluing and sanding, I was getting antsy to start on my tool box that I purchased last weekend. I bought the paint and supplies yesterday before work, so I had this great idea that I could still make frames in between coats of paint on the tool box!

Here is the tool box as I purchased it. No cool paint-box this time, I couldn't find anything big enough (sorry honey). But at least I got it off the driveway!

I purchased the new "1 can is equal to 2 cans" primer and paint.

I have to say it worked AMAZING!! I only used 1 can!!

The paint color was Aqua and I think that I only used 3/4 of the can for this and it covered great!

Even covered my fingers!! Maybe I should have worn gloves?

I also purchased some rope that I thought would look great on the handle. It was pretty to easy to put on after I decided that a staple gun would be less messier than gluing it on.

It got a little tedious wrapping the rope, so I enlisted my daughter to help!

Finished up with the last staple AND..........


I am really happy with the way it turned it out!

Apparently everyone needs to be in a picture! She (this is Baja) jumped up as I was snapping pictures!

Now I have a great place to put all my magazines that are always scattered all over!

Needless to say, I did not work anymore on the frames. The tool box was just so much fun!!

Looky what else I did last weekend!!

This was a fun project as well! Layla from The Lettered Cottage made one for her mantel and I thought that it would be a great piece for above my bed!

It was so much fun doing projects again, I haven't really done any in a while. You are all so inspirational and really got my wheels-a-turning again!

Thank you!!


Rene said...

Your tool box looks great! Isn't it funny how the puppies try to appear in all of the pictures? Our dog seems to know when I pull the camera out and exactly where to stand.


Completely Coastal + Daily Vitamin Sea said...

Oh, you are so creative!!! Great pieces..., and I always get paint on my hand too -go figure!

michelle said...

Thank you! It was fun to go shopping for treasures and then re-do them how I like them!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Well I learn something every day I love the Rustoleum 2 X I did not know it also had primer!! Thank you the box looks great! I am visiting from Cottage Instincts


::cottage instincts:: said...

Love that color! And my hands basically look like that 24/7 :) I also just moved my cra(p)ft room into my boys old room upstairs under the eaves. I'll be redoing mine too this winter.

So glad you could Mi4M!
::cottage instincts::

One Cheap B*tch said...

Oh my gosh so cute! And don't feel bad, my hands are always covered in spray paint! At least I have been remembering to take off my rings BEFORE spraying! Again, so cute!


Bernadette Merikle said...

I have a wood toolbox I need to redo and I LOVE the rope tied around the handle. I'll probably paint mine a creamy yellowish color but that rope - genius. And to make it even harder, of course I'll like paint my rope white to offset on the yellow handle. Totally cool!



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