Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Picture Bug

My daughter LOVES taking pictures!! (Apple doesn't fall too far from the tree) Last week my mother-in-law took the kids to a place near us called Mt. Baldy. It is a large sand dune that you get to by climbing UP about 282 steps!! UGH!!!!

Um, not for me!!!!

He really doesn't look that excited. Not sure that I would either.

Once they finally reached the top and stopped a minute or two to catch their breathes, they preceded to head to the dunes that overlook Lake Michigan.

Here she grabbed the camera and took some really beautiful pictures of the lake, even giving the picture some interest by shooting through the beach grass!

She was really proud of her pictures, as she should be, they turned out great!!!! May have to print some off and hang them in the house!

Hope everyone is enjoying their week so far!!


Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

WOw look at all the steps, so worth it! Gorgeous!

Swell Studio said...

I think hanging them in your house is a great idea. Art for your walls that is not only lovely but a family memory and supportive of your budding photographer- perfect!

Completely Coastal + Daily Vitamin Sea said...

I love stairs, yep..., climb them whenever I get the chance (it's my only workout... and walking)..., those look fabulous!


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